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How to Start

Getting started is easy...
here's some insight into your first experience at CrossFit Freeflow?
CrossFit Freeflow | How to Start
Your first day
New to CrossFit?

Our goal is to introduce you to different workout styles and get you comfortable with exercises you'll experience in a typical class. We will learn about you and create a path to get you on board at your own pace - and we'll be there along the way to support you.

We know new things can be intimidating, but we're confident our expereinced staff and supoortive community will get you into a rhythm in no time!


a free consult.

This is our opportunity to get to know more about you and your journey. We'll talk about your goals and experience to ensure you get on the best path for starting out.


the movements.

We'll set you up with 1-on-1 personal training sessions to teach you the exercises you'll be experiencing at CrossFit Freeflow. We want you to be safe and confident heading into your first class!


your routine.

Once you feel ready, you'll have the option to choose from any of our class offerings and enjoy the path to a healthier, fitter you with your new fitness family!

Join Our Community

Interested in joining our community? Schedule your FREE one-on-one intro session, then get started as soon as you are ready!
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