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Thrive Premium Lifestyle Coaching and Education

"Thrive" Premium Lifestyle Education and Coaching (6 month program)

Thrive is our premium lifestyle coaching education program that includes individualized and family options.  This is our most intensive program that focuses on 4 main lifestyle practices:

  1. Food
  2. Sleep
  3. Movement
  4. Mindset

Education and coaching in these practices has proven to have the longest-lasting results to habit changes and outcomes by far.  This is a unique service that covers almost every aspect of your health in simple, actionable steps, while educating you throughout the process so that you have the blueprint to the "Best version of yourself" after the 6 months are completed.

This investment is aimed at closing the gap between the lack of useful information and abundance of misinformation, so that you walk away with a clear understanding of how to get the most out of your body.

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A unique approach to nutrition coaching that meets you where you are, no matter what your level of experience.  As the world of nutritional information has become increasingly more complex and convoluted, our aim is to simplify through education and the ability to make healthy decisions without going to extremes.

The results come slower, but last longer, and will have you feeling more like yourself than many of the more extreme alternatives.

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Thrive Movement

Our functional movement program will get you moving! With a huge emphasis on assessments and safety, we start with our 1-on-1 Kickstart Series that shows you exactly how to utilize our program in the safest and most beneficial way possible.  The group classes will keep you engaged and motivated, while step-by-step progressions keep you safe and clear on what progress looks like on this journey.

Our coaches will push you to learn above all else, so that no matter what health and fitness avenues you choose you know how to keep moving towards that "best version of yourself".

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